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My name is Michael, a street pirate in The Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Lurker(s)

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Dylan Rieder
Hannah Sider ©
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Chris Mann By Myles Rushforth
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Jeremy Klein ollies the distance in Sorrento Valley back in 1992. Photo: Brittain @hookupsofficial #hookupsofficial #jeremyklein #ollie #sorrentovalley #sandiegoskateboarding #birdhouseskateboards @theskateboardmag #theskateboardmag #grantbrittain
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"I thought that the skateboarders were the most interesting teenagers, because people were scared of them and they had all this freedom. They had their own transportation. They could go anywhere just on their skateboards and make their own fun. The whole city was a concrete playground. People were afraid of them because they had this freedom, but cops hated them. People thought they were the Hell’s Angels, but they were just these kids having fun. Also visually, they were the most exciting, the most interesting. As a visual artist… they were visual, doing all these tricks, and doing what they did on skateboards." 
- Mark Gonzales
23:25 Skateboarders are envied by people because they just glide so free. Any time something moves like water, they’ll make a dam. Every time something moves in nature, they want to stop it. written by Mark Gonzales (via 70707)

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SF 2010 - Westgate
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Alex Olson - Wallie. NYC. Yr?